These Sites put YOU in Control

Would you like a more customized shopping experience? I know two websites that go the extra mile to put you in control.

1. finds sales on your favorite brands in your size and delivers them to your inbox for free. You can select how often you receive sale alerts, and it saves you a ton of time searching different websites. I get mine on Mondays and Wednesdays, it makes my long days move a little faster! Follow the link above to get a private invite to the site!

2. Shoe Dazzle This shoe society was founded by Kim Kardashian who also acts as the Chief Stylist. You register on the site, fill out a quick style survey, and receive 5 shoe recommendations per month via email. You can choose a pair of shoes, request new recommendations, or opt to skip the month. After you select your shoes you are  charged $39.95 and they are shipped to you. There is no charge if you skip a month, and if you don’t like the shoes you can send them back for free. Check out the pic to see my first pair 
( I just got them in the mail today!)

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