More Cash Back and Slick Deals

In the spirit of yesterday’s post I would like to draw your attention to two additional sites that provide cash back and great deals.

Microsoft Search Engine Bing has a Bing Shopping section, where you can sign up to receive cash back, just like Ebates. A friend recommended this yesterday after reading my post. I have not yet personally used this site, as I use Ebates for my cash back shopping, but I did notice that Sephora was offering 10% cash back, which is currently higher than the 8% they offer on Ebates. I recommend being a savvy shopper and comparing cash back rates on both sites before making purchases in the future.

Another website I recently became aware of but have not personally used yet is Slick Deals. Slick Deals is a user-driven deal sharing website, much like Retail Me Not. I personally like the layout of Retail Me Not a little better, but I’ll be sure to test out Slick Deals next time I’m looking for coupons and offer codes.

That all being said, what is the best cash back deal you ever received?

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