A Happy Wallet Makes a Happy Shopper

Hi. My name is Christina, and I am a shopaholic. In the past year, my life has been constantly changing bit by bit. I graduated college, moved home to north New Jersey, and landed a job in Manhattan. When I moved home, I began planning to move out. I started saving money. Or at least I tried. It has been a slow climb of adjustments, mostly on my shopping habits. There are lots of little steps I have taken to curb my spending.
I read this month in Cosmo that, “Online window-shopping taps in to your brain’s reward center, triggering a shopper’s high.” I can tell you just from browsing, that this is very true. But who wants to feel like they’re being rewarded with no actual reward? It has become my mission to find ways to shop without dipping deeply into my move-out fund. The first thing I did was create a “Shopaholic” tab on my web browser’s bookmarks. Over the past few weeks I have accumulated a long list of links to sites with great deals, and even ways to get money back.
If you’re interested in keeping up your shopping habit and saving more money, please keep reading. I will update frequently with new tricks, steals, links, and even sale alerts when I find good ones.
And by the way, Macy’s is currently having a ridiculous clearance sale… up to 75% off shoes and handbags. I got cute little cowboy boots yesterday for $15!

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